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Custom System-Improvement Services

Solutions designed to solve your organization’s most critical challenges that derail progress. We’re excited to set you on track for success.

Interactive and Inspirational Keynotes

Empower your audience with a message that makes an immediate, sustainable change based on science and an engaging delivery style.

Professional Development Trainings

Programs that improve organizations, systems, and lives, while elevating individual performance and team performance for the modern business environment.

Strategy and Consulting

Strategic consultation is designed to support the continued alignment around DEIB and wellness work across an organization.

Webinars and Workshop

Premier online interactions with peers and experts through custom experiences that deliver practical strategies for self-development and system-improving organizational changes.

Executive Leadership Course

Become an equity-driven leader. Excel at unlocking innovation and staff growth by creating an environment of psychological safety and bravery.

The iOE Difference

Tailored to Your Audience ​

Designed with iOE’s unique combination of psychological science and storytelling, our keynotes, trainings, and workshops services leave audiences with tangible and practical strategies that not only bring deeper insight into their work but also resonate on a personal level, impacting their everyday lives.


Systems-Driven Solutions and Equity Focused

Our team consists of psychologists and mental health experts from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences (race, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, and geographic location, to name a few) who work on the ground everyday and understand the power of implementation science to create sustained change. Their diversity of experience provides powerful, evidence-based solutions to the most pressing challenges organizational leaders and their staff face.

Inspiring, Effective, and Motivating

Our events and programs are highly engaging and relatable, while introducing audiences to leading system improvement resources. We equip our clients with a common language around challenging topics, along with relevant, actionable strategies that can be immediately applied personally and professionally- inspiring brave conversations, a more equitable workplace, and a wellness-infused culture.

Customers reviews

What people say...

An incredibly comprehensive professional development opportunity for our staff. The program has all the tools we needed, including surveys and pre-workshop questionnaires, to reflect upon the community’s level of trauma and cultural sensitivity...
Dr. Carla Stephens
Principal Bard High School
Your discussion on the application of trauma-informed approaches to prevention efforts was extremely insightful and will support the participating communities as they work to implement violence reduction initiatives at home.
Alyse Altenburg
Policy Advisor at the Department of Justice

Professional Development Trainings​

In-Depth Professional Development Programs

Our programs include up to 20 hours of professional development for your staff aimed at cultivating a workplace culture infused with principles related to a number of topics including (but not limited to): trauma-informed practices, culturally responsive principles, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), staff wellness, and mental health in the workplace. Programs are delivered in-person or virtually and are infused with iOE’s signature style of storytelling, interactive activities, and cutting-edge psychological science strategies.

Programs for Workplace Wellness and DEI

Aimed at supporting companies and organizations ready to comprehensively address staff wellness and promote workplace inclusivity, the Elevate Work Culture Transformation Program is a 4-module professional development experience that provides staff with pivotal skills for having brave conversations about wellness and social justice issues. Using a wellness approach, the professional development experience shares individual and organizational strategies for creating a common language about staff well-being while engaging anti-racist practices and policies, preventing staff burnout, and promoting equity at every level of the organization. Ideal for organizations at any stage of implementation of workplace wellness practices or diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Custom System-Improvement Services

Implementation Support for Professional Development Programs

Each professional development program has an option to upgrade to system-improvement support. Our unique implementation process provides concrete guidance for implementing concepts introduced in professional development training. Our team helps your organization, school, or justice agency identify staff and/or community members for an implementation team and holds monthly implementation team meetings with them. Implementation activities include resource mapping and gap analysis to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, creating DEI and wellness toolkits that support a more inclusive and wellness-focused workplace, and action planning based on specific implementation science principles to sustain improvement.

Executive Coaching and Consultation

Sustained improvement begins with leadership. Whether it is modeling the workplace culture that is expected of staff or making critical decisions to support sustained improvement, iOE provides coaching and consultation from psychologists and mental health experts to leaders in organizations, schools, and justice agencies aiming to make lasting change with the communities they work with and ensure their staff have the tools to maximize their impact. Executive coaching and consultation can be added to any professional development program.

Webinars and Workshops

Webinars & Workshops Format and Topics

Webinars & workshops are typically 60 minutes in length and are suited for smaller groups but can be designed for larger groups. Workshops/Webinars range in topics and are finalized based on client goals and interests. General topics requested include trauma-informed practices, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), staff wellness, and a host of other mental health related topics.

Webinar Series

For a more robust experience, clients can request a webinar series (typically 3 in a series). The webinar series can be the same webinars hosted for different audiences or a series of webinars that build upon one another. The length, audience, and topic range are the same as the format for the single webinar.

Strategy and Consulting

Strategic Consultation

Strategic consultation comprises a broad set of supports that involves experts providing guidance to achieve your work culture improvement goals. This may occur in the form of working with leadership to develop a strategic plan, acting as a mediator to resolve conflict, reviewing policies and work protocols, and a host of additional needs that your organization has but is not equipped to address independently.

Strategic Consultation more broadly can include any or all of the following:

  • General Review (i.e., practices, policies, procedures, strategy, etc.)
  • Strategy Meetings
  • 1:1 or Group Coaching 
  • Recommendations & Reports
  • Listening Sessions
  • Mediation/Targeted Facilitation