Keynotes and Speaking Engagements that count

Messages that transform

A great speaking engagement should entertain, inspire, and leave an audience fired up for more, whether they’re a room full of professional adults, or a group of teenagers in need of guidance.

Just one problem … finding someone who can deliver a keynote or workshop that actually lives up to that promise (especially in the field of mental wellness!) can be a big challenge.

Consider that challenge solved with iOpening Enterprises

With over 10 years experience speaking to audiences of thousands, Dr. Pickens knows what it takes to deliver a speech, workshop, or training that truly transforms your audience — and he leads a team of equally talented speakers that perform to his exacting, highly inspirational standards. The team’s engaging delivery ensures that the audience walks away with both the mindset and skillset shifts to truly implement what they’ve learned — and the lasting drive to make the changes really count.

Our menu of exciting, evidence-informed speaking offerings include:

  • Trauma-informed practices for schools, justice agencies, and child welfare
  • Using workplace wellness to improve work culture
  • Creating inclusive and equitable work environments with wellness based DEI tools
  • Many more topics related to mental health, wellness, and psychological scienc

iOpening Enterprise's Team Of Speakers

Dr. Isaiah Pickens

Dr. Isaiah Pickens uses science and entertainment to inspire people to build lives full of meaning. By delivering unique stories that touch every attendee, Dr. Isaiah’s keynotes are heart-warming, thought-provoking, and inspire the audience to become a better and healthier version of themselves. Using humor and stories about the beauty of triumphs and failures in life, the audience will stay on the edge of their seat and walk away asking the question, “How can I get better?”


Dr. Schenike Massie-Lambert

Both a clinician and consultant, Dr. Massie-Lambert has expertise working in schools, justice, residential, community mental health, and psychiatric hospital settings. She successfully provides expert training and consultation in evidence informed approaches to treating trauma and delivers strategies for raising mental health awareness. Her keynotes are known for emotionally engaging her audience and helping them to realize the importance of addressing mental health in a variety of settings and how it can positively impact society.


Dr. Fong Lau Johnson

Dr. Fong Lau Johnson has clinical experience working in schools, community mental health, and juvenile justice settings and “wows” every audience she sees. From inspiring others to create more inclusivity to giving color to underrepresented populations, Dr. Johnson’s passionate speeches inspire attendees to evoke the values of care and action when navigating challenging situations.

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