Elevate Work Executive Leadership Course

The wealth of business depends on the health of the workers

Dr. Maria Neira​


Staggering Stats​


of respondents from a Mental Health America report stated that they miss three to five days a month because of workplace stress.


 lost over the last five years to employee turnover triggered by poor workplace culture as workers fled managers who they believed created the caustic environment.


of those who left a job because of workplace culture cited their manager as the reason behind their decision.

About the course

Psychological safety is vital for innovation, creativity, and team cohesion. This course provides you with a toolkit to directly address challenges ranging from shifts in the way we work in the aftermath of the global pandemic to ensuring equity and racial justice are infused in your workplace culture. The last few years have shown us just how stressors undermine the mental health and well-being of staff. The Elevate Work Executive Leadership Course provides you with tools and practices backed by evidence-based psychological science to not just help you and your staff feel safe in these uncertain times, but thrive in them.

Our cohort-based experience includes 

✅ On-demand content to build a foundation and common language among your leadership team

✅ 4 two-hour live cohort sessions to apply concepts to your organization’s culture, challenges, and goals

✅ 4 one-on-one executive leadership coaching sessions per participant to support each leader in their own journey and their day-to-day work


The Details






HOURS of Group Learning


days of on-demand access*

*After completion of course

course Outcomes!

  • Develop pilot projects for each individual leader to integrate concepts into organizational culture 
  • Learn strategies to increase innovation, creativity, team cohesion, synergy, and trust, while decreasing stress, burnout, and turnover
  • Build a thriving work culture that supports psychological safety and bravery while moving critical work forward 
  • Integrate routine practices that help promote staff bringing their whole selves to work in a way that aligns with the company’s goals 
  • Implement tools to support equitable and transparent decision making 
  • Apply approaches that support belonging and creating equitable and inclusive policies in the workplace
  • Incorporate wellness and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your organizational mission, vision, and values

What others have achieved with our program

  • Updated team meeting structure to include psychologically safe and brave agreements
  • Created leadership competencies to create and communicate clear expectations 
  • Updated engagement survey to better reflect ways to incorporate DEIB into the fabric of the organization
  • Created more equitable policies using the benefits and burdens analysis
  • Restructured organizational charts and operational policies to make hiring, promotion, and termination more transparent and fair
  • Built performance evaluations that incorporate key performance indicators for psychological safety, DEI, and workplace wellness

Is this course for you?

  • Are you an Executive Director, CEO, Founder, member of the C-Suite team, or organizational decision-maker?
  • Do you value staff well-being and want to work toward prioritizing wellness for staff?
  • Are you excited to engage both wellness and equity but don’t currently have the organizational infrastructure to do both, at all or at the desired level?
  • Do you have a base level understanding of inequity, and appreciate the diversity of your staff, but may need additional support ensuring the needs of all staff are met?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, this course is right for you! If you’re still unsure, fill out our interest form below and our team will reach out.

Course Curriculum

OBJECTIVE 1: Defining a psychologically safe and inclusive workplace using a wellness lens

OBJECTIVE 2:  Recognizing and cultivating the key emotional intelligence skills to support an inclusive work culture

OBJECTIVE 3: Practice resilience building skills that prepare you and your staff for challenges when building inclusive workplaces

TOOLS & SKILLS: Complete Self-Care Assessment, Resilience Portfolio, Review cognitive patterns that contribute to psychologically safe and unsafe workplaces

OUTCOME: Begin developing a model wellness toolkit for your staff; Practice foundations of the specific language to begin the brave conversations around DEI


OBJECTIVE 1: Connecting the whole-person approach to your identity at home and at work

OBJECTIVE 2: Identifying how and where you experience physical and emotional stress triggers

OBJECTIVE 3: Developing optimal coping strategies to enhance work relations and personal relationships

TOOLS & SKILLS: Increase self-awareness and the effects of stressors that impact decision making; Create practices to attend to wellness needs

OUTCOME: Increased self-awareness and positive emotional contagion


OBJECTIVE 1:  Discovering the right questions to ask of staff to discover their pain points

OBJECTIVE 2: Develop organizational procedures to increase psychological safety

OBJECTIVE 3:  Articulating a clear path towards sustainable solutions for pain points

TOOLS & SKILLS: Begin creating a safe and effective communication loop to receive feedback on your company’s efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive environment

OUTCOME: Respond to sensory overload of staff before it’s too late; Increase employee trust in management; Continue building an organizational wellness toolkit


OBJECTIVE 1: Recognizing when your past intercepts your present and how to make it work for you

OBJECTIVE 2: Identifying how psychological safety has played a role in your own creativity, happiness and innovation

OBJECTIVE 3: Creating tools for honoring important identities in the journey towards success

TOOLS & SKILLS: Finding your ACE score; Develop strategies for cultivating optimism and gratefulness

OUTCOME: Cultivate emotional intelligence skills to better understand identity; Practice reinforcing a purposeful and meaningful environment for yourself and those around you

PERSONAL EXECUTIVE CONSULTATION FOCUS: Psychological safety, DEI, Imposter syndrome


OBJECTIVE 1: Allyship, advocacy, activism and anti-racism from a mental health and psychological perspective

OBJECTIVE 2: Cultural responsiveness in the workplace and white supremacy dismantling

OBJECTIVE 3: EPIS Framework (Exploration, Preparation, Implementation, Sustainment)

TOOLS & SKILLS: Creating psychologically safe spaces for staff; Implementation preparation

OUTCOME: Develop DEI intentionality; An action plan for creating psychological safety using cultural and identity differences as strengths; Strategic implementation for partnering with human resources, DEI departments and employee assistance programs

OBJECTIVE 1: Increase innovation, creativity and team cohesion through equity and growth mindset

OBJECTIVE 2: Anti-racism through self-compassion

OBJECTIVE 3: Maximizing your impact through cultural responsiveness

TOOLS & SKILLS: Cultural changes to advance equity; Begin building a growth mindset culture

OUTCOME: Continue building an organizational wellness toolkit; Identify ways to decrease burnout; Facilitate brave conversations around DEI

PERSONAL EXECUTIVE CONSULTATION FOCUS: Anti-racism, DEI implementation, Self-compassion

OBJECTIVE 1: Exploring contribution, legacy and sense of purpose

OBJECTIVE 2: Value statements that transform your organization and culture

OBJECTIVE 3: Anti-racism and your company’s mission and vision

TOOLS & SKILLS: Organizational assessments; Identify unconscious bias in decision making; Organizational strategies for embedding purpose and meaning into organizational procedures

OUTCOME: Integrate needs of staff in current systems; Accessing untapped talents using psychological safety; Deepened sense of purpose as a CEO

OBJECTIVE 1: Personal and professional legacy

OBJECTIVE 2: Assessment and adjustment to progress

OBJECTIVE 3: Implementing sustainment and planning for pivots

TOOLS & SKILLS: Building a long-lasting implementation team; Action plan for sustainment of wellness and DEI

OUTCOME: Protect work/life balance; Extend growth and progress; Solidify company’s mission and values with your legacy

PERSONAL EXECUTIVE CONSULTATION FOCUS: Sense of purpose and legacy; DEI and wellness sustainment

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