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People, purpose, profit, potential.

For years, the dream has been the triple bottom line of people, purpose, and profit. We believe in adding one more layer to that: potential.

Here’s the truth — without knowing how to unlock your individual and organizational potential, your influence (not to mention income) is inherently capped. We love helping organizations unleash their impact by helping their people tap into purpose, and then translate that into practical action.

Help your organization reach the top.

iOpening Enterprises’ Elevate Work Programming delivers online courses and in-person professional development related to workplace wellness and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our programs are unique and make an immediate impact on your organizations’ bottom line by helping them:

  • Better retain top talent
  • More successfully navigate issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Maximize staff potential to contribute meaningfully in the workplace

Here's how it works

The Elevate Work Program uniquely focuses on workplace wellness from a whole-person perspective. Resonating with staff and leadership from the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, this training gives actionable tools for work and life fulfillment rooted in psychological science and best practices in organizational change and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  Employing our unique 3 E’s approach, staff and leadership practice workplace wellness skills that spark more meaningful contributions as individuals and maximized productivity as a business. 

3 Ways Elevate Work Program Can Benefit Your Organization


Your organization with a program that helps them build psychological safety in the workplace and increase emotional intelligence. With improved communication and trust, guided by greater self-awareness, your staff will be enriched with innovative ideas that they are willing to share without fear. This growing synergy will accelerate work production and enriches the quality of their work.


Your team with activities designed to better understand what motivates them in the workplace. For every person this answer is different. That’s why we use a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) lens coupled with your organization’s specific needs to implement strategies that will be useful for the skills and strengths of your workforce. Our programs leave staff feeling heard, able to better manage workplace stress, and motivated to achieve in work and life.


Your organization holistically and systemically with leadership development practices that help you ensure the company reflects workplace wellness values rooted in equity and inclusivity. A '2 for 1' opportunity, content for leaders ensures that your values and philosophy as a leader are informed by the best practices in workplace wellness and DEI. Sustain improvements with our unique set of executive coaching and consultation tools.

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