Executive Coaching for the Whole You

We know most of the big problems you’re facing at work aren’t easy to solve but have solutions that start with increasing emotional-intelligence (EQ) and end with shifting work culture

Our executive coaching specializes in both ends of the solution and the catalyst in between: you!

We think of executive coaching as a chance to use a science-driven approach to integrate your professional and personal identities in a way that draws on your full set of strengths. We grow your transformational leadership skills by equipping you with deep insight into the emotional motivators of yourself and others while building skills to address systemic barriers to success in your work culture.

In short, we help you maximize productivity without sacrificing well-being–for you or your staff.

Here’s what our experts in EQ and organizational culture transformation have guided coaching clients to achieve:

  • Create psychological safety for direct reports, junior staff, and others at work
  • Communicate transparently and skillfully about the role of equitable recruitment, hiring, promotion, and termination practices in a thriving workplace culture
  • Improve relationship management with a generationally diverse workforce
  • Build accountability measures for in-person and remote work settings
  • Develop language for brave conversations (i.e., termination, accountability, equity & inclusion, burnout etc.)
  • Sustain implementation work culture improvement processes that have minimal buy-in
  • Navigate power differentials and promote more productive communication between individuals with varying levels of decision-making
  • Help leaders manage the risk and opportunities of transition (i.e., new CEO, union vote, layoffs etc.)
  • Repair past harm and resolve conflict with strategies that support individual well-being and achieving organizational goals (i.e., rebuilding team cohesion after harassment, developing trust after retaliatory responses etc.)
  • Grow work-life balance (we call it work-life harmony) without sacrificing the company vision

There’s plenty more, but you get the idea. We help you become better at the things that actually make workplaces tick.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for as many sessions as you need.
  2. Fill out a quick questionnaire for us to better understand your needs.
  3. We’ll confirm your scheduled sessions and share more information about your coach.
  4. Let’s get growing!

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Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are organizational change experts who have additional specialities in mental or public health. We call them iOpening Experts because their training and our approach brings insight that helps you see yourself and your organization more clearly. That clarity is paired with concrete skills you’ll develop to make personal and organizational improvements.

Join as an organization!

We think it’s great to work with you, but you know what’s even better? You and your colleagues! We’ve found that organizational cohorts for coaching can exponentially grow the impact of coaching on their work culture. Connect with us to learn about group rates for coaching cohorts with a single organization.