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Presentations by Topic

Our presentations are designed to maximize your growth. That’s why we created categories in the areas we know you are most focused on making an impact. Use this as a guide to decide which set of presentations fits you.
*Note: Any presentation can be paired with any other presentations you prefer. The categories simply serve as a recommended grouping by similar topics.

Want your school, district, or youth-serving agency to become trauma-informed and need a strong foundation or booster for the work you have already done? These presentations provide a common language for the many forms of trauma young people encounter and insight into the resilience they possess. Leave equipped with practical tools to recognize and respond to trauma in a way that leaves young people capable of reaching their potential.

Transforming the System: Moving Beyond Trauma and Toward Resilience, Recovery, and Health

Unlocking Potential: ​​The Key to Transforming the Future of Our Youth

The Story Behind Childhood Trauma

Unpacking the Invisible Backpacks of Youth

Living Up to the Social Contract: Trauma, Health Equity, and Justice in the 21st Century

Sustaining improvements to your organization and the systems that they represent is a heavy lift. These presentations give you tools to make that lift lighter. Focused on building a common language for key areas of communication and providing insight into implementation practices that sustain progress, these presentations are a great start or refresher to applying the science of emotional intelligence and implementation to your organization and system.

Transforming the System: Moving Beyond Trauma and Toward Resilience, Recovery, and Health

Restoring Wholeness: Healing, Justice, and Wellness

Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Workplace Culture using the 3 A’s

Building a Workplace grounded in Psychological Safe and Brave Agreements

Living Up to the Social Contract: Trauma, Health Equity, and Justice in the 21st Century

Navigating and Managing Brave Conversations in the Workplace

One of the biggest threats to a productive and fulfilling workplace is burnout. These presentations provide tools to better recognize signs of workplace stress, language for communicating about what motivates individuals in the workplace, and a guide to developing processes that proactively support a workplace culture invested in both your organization and its people thriving.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Wellness in the Workplace and in Life

Building a Workplace Culture at the Intersection of Wellness and Identity: An Introduction to the RAVE Approach

Restoring Wholeness: Healing, Justice, and Wellness

Building a Workplace Grounded in Psychological Safe and Brave Agreements

Looking to build a sturdy foundation for a psychologically safe workplace? Start with this set of presentations and jumpstart your journey to sustaining transparent communication, inclusive decision-making, and replacing burnout with clarity for staying productive and fulfilled at work.

➕ Building a Workplace Grounded in Psychological Safe and Brave Agreements

➕ Building a Workplace Culture at the Intersection of Wellness and Identity: An Introduction to the RAVE Approach

➕ Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Workplace Culture using the 3 A’s

➕ Navigating and Managing Brave Conversations in the Workplace

Our Standard Presentations

Need a presentation that will 💨 blow your audience away 💨 but could use help figuring out what to present? LOOK NO FURTHER! Our standard presentations are audience-approved and designed to maximize professional growth. With over 95% of attendees rating their experience with our presentations as “Excellent” and “Very Good” as it relates to the applicability to their work and how engaging the presentation was, we are certain you will find a presentation (or presentations! 😊) that will inspire your audience to become their best professional selves!

Anyone in a helping profession that wants an emotional recharge and a better understanding of the intersection of healing and justice for creating a healthier workforce and better servicing the community. Helping professions can include health care, child welfare, direct service providers, schools, and any other field of service.

✔ Learn strategies for healing people and systems in times of uncertainty.

✔ Gain insights into taking a holistic approach to finding strength during painful times.

✔ Discover key emotional intelligence skills to navigate burnout and employ radical healing.

Anyone or organization who wants to grow their skills for managing workplace and life stress, improve self-care in a way that does not compromise work performance and feel equipped to better support the wellness of others and themselves in the workplace.

✔ Redefine self-care and wellness with emotional intelligence skills that help you understand what’s the root cause of your stress

✔ Identify strategies for sustaining energy in the workplace by refueling and recharging important parts of who you are.

✔ Understand how to align your self-care with both personal and organizational values in a way that feels authentic and makes you better at your job.

Anyone or organization wanting to gain a better understanding of the connection between our most important identities and our wellness, and how to build a healthy workplace culture at the intersection of the two.

✔ Understand how your workplace motivators and stressors are connected to your most important identities

✔ Engage in emotional intelligence tools that help you better identify and communicate your needs in the workplace.

✔ Discover research-informed tools for promoting better emotional management of work and life responsibilities.

Anyone or any organization looking for a specific tool that promotes psychological safety and bravery can turnkey and embed it in existing workplace structures and systems.

✔ Understand psychological safety and bravery in the context of your organization.

✔ Discover strategies for building a more psychologically safe workplace.

✔ Engage iOE’s unique and foundational tool to support staff and leaders with guidance to have brave conversations and repair damage.

Anyone or organization interested in gaining tools to build and sustain an inclusive workplace culture that fosters belonging.

✔ Learn key strategies to build a more compassionate workplace in a systematic way.

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) and how these concepts translate into practice in the workplace using wellness-centered approaches.

✔ Develop strengths-based and resilience-centered strategies to promote equity and wellness workplace-wide.

Any organization, staff, or leader who wants practical tools to lead and navigate difficult conversations in the workplace.

✔ Learn a framework for having honest and difficult conversations at work while still honoring people’s humanity.

✔ Develop emotional intelligence skills to not only participate in but also lead and model brave conversations at work.

✔ Gain practical tools to support an inclusive and equitable approach to challenges in the workplace while maintaining healthy relationships and work productivity.

School and youth-serving professionals who want to solidify their foundational understanding of trauma-informed care for youth and ensure it encompasses understanding more than individual trauma (i.e., historical, intergenerational, and system-induced).

✔ Define individual trauma and its impact on youth

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of the breadth of trauma-informed care for youth in particular

✔ Engage practical tools to integrate trauma-informed care into working with students and youth

Anyone or organizations who works with youth, or child-serving professionals, and wants a more holistic trauma-informed approach that pairs individual skills with system-based improvements for your organization or school.

✔ Learn a holistic trauma-informed approach that pairs with individual skill development

✔ Identify system-based improvements for your organization or school, centered on equity-focused strategies

✔ Understand how relationships impact resilience and community-wide healing

Anyone working with or supporting youth who come from culturally diverse backgrounds or have experienced adverse life events.

✔ Learn strategies for developing an authentic relationship with young people who’ve experienced adverse life events or have a cultural background different than yours.

✔ Gain insight into support for building trust in order to advocate or work with youth.

✔ Understand more about the intersection of identity, trauma, and mental health

Justice system professionals such as lawyers, judges, probation officers, and court professionals want to better understand the intersection between trauma and justice.

✔ Gain an understanding of historical trauma from the lens of policy and law.

✔ Learn tools and strategies to better engage justice-involved youth and individuals.

✔ Discover best practices for trauma-informed approaches in courts and the wider justice system.

Schools and youth-serving professionals who want to use a strengths-based and relationship-centered approach to addressing youth trauma and behavior challenges.

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of the breadth of trauma-informed care for youth.

✔ Learn key strategies for creating emotional safety for youth with trauma histories.

✔ Identify opportunities to engage youth strengths even when trauma histories are present.

School professionals who want to learn strategies for managing burnout and secondary traumatic stress while remaining fulfilled and recharged in their job role.

✔ Define secondary traumatic stress and burnout.

✔ Learn strategies for improving your professional quality of life with more compassion and satisfaction (the pleasure derived from your job).

✔ Identify trauma-informed processes that help staff feel supported and psychologically safe.

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