We believe in you.

Who we are

We help organizations create long-term culture transformation

We are a culture transformation consulting firm specializing in the intersection of mental health and diversity, equity, inclusion an belonging (DEIB). Transforming your work culture to achieve success and productivity without sacrificing the well-being of staff involves a comprehensive approach.

Our Team

iOpening Consultants

We are psychologists, coaches, industry experts, and storytellers who  specialize in the intersection of mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our professional development focuses on culture change across all organizational levels, and equips leaders and individuals with the tools needed to not only create change, but to also sustain it.

Our Mission

Here's the truth

Every single one of us has something incredible to contribute in our lives, our organizations, and our society. Put us all together, and we can literally create the world we want to see. No issue, no problem, no challenge, however engrained and complex, can stop us but only if we know how to truly unlock human potential.

That's our mission

We are 100% committed to helping you unlock the potential in yourself, your staff, the people you work with day-to-day, and your organization. We know that the only way we grow as individuals and as a society is by tapping into our whole selves, and turning all that energy towards our biggest goals and that cannot happen without strategies and systems designed to support mental wellness.

Creating true and lasting change and we know that starts with you

Through keynotes, workshops, in-person and online trainings, executive consultation and coaching, and innovative content, iOpening Enterprises provides you with actionable strategies that unlock the potential in all of us.

Are you ready to make the leap and enlighten, engage, and elevate yourself and your organization?


Moving the world from happy to healthy.



Our Approach

Head, meet heart.

You can easily find all kinds of programs on the latest mental health research, and how to be there for people in tough times. And it’s not hard to find people and organizations who motivate, inspire, and entertain for the sake of making us feel good. That’s great … but the truth is, neither one of those is enough to truly transform lives and organizations. To create that kind of fundamental change, you need the perfect mix of both.

And that’s what we're all about.

Our approach is based in equal parts head and heart: all our work is based on rigorously-tested, evidence-based principles, all powered by iOpening Enterprises unique ability to convey life-changing science with humor, compassion, and inspiration.

Our Vision


We're all about change

We build better societies with transformative professional development, cutting-edge psychology and implementation science, and inspiring media opens eyes to the potential of people and self while giving practical tools to achieve that potential.

We want societies where every system, organization, and individual sees the whole-person and the gifts every person has to offer the world.


Our Values

  • Compassionate Candor
  • Equity over Equality
  • Fueled by Passion
  • Relationships First


Message from our CEO & Founder

I See You.

My years of helping people build better lives with psychological science has taught me one profound lesson: what we all want isn’t just to be happy…our deepest desire is to be healthy.

Healthy—in its most basic form—is being seen. We all want to be in healthy relationships where others see and accept us for who we are. We all crave a healthy self-esteem where we see our whole selves and accept our flaws. Each one of us wants a healthy body where we accept our unique beauty, our shape, our hair. And most importantly, we want a sense of purpose — where we have a healthy work and life balance that allows us to live a fulfilling life and see our reason for being here.


I’m committed to helping you experience a healthy life. And, the only way to reach our potential is to enlighten our minds, engage our hearts, and elevate our goals beyond just being happy and move boldly toward healthy. Our team is here to give you science-backed tools to understand your potential, inspirational stories to motivate you there, and an opportunity to see all of who you are and can be.

The journey isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I promise.

-Dr. Isaiah Pickens