Transforming the System: Moving Beyond Trauma and Toward Resilience, Recovery, and Health


As service systems evolve to meet the changing demands of an increasingly diverse nation, creating an equally prepared workforce to address these needs has become a top priority for organizations. Using psychological science and best practices for community healing as a foundation, this presentation will provide concrete steps for addressing service needs among traumatized communities and ensuring professionals within these systems have the internal and external resources to support their mental and emotional well-being. This presentation will inspire you to integrate a relationship-based framework to meet the needs of communities while building on the resilience that they already possess.

Who Is This For?

Anyone or organization(s) who works with youth, or child-serving professionals, and wants a more holistic trauma-informed approach that pairs individual skills with system-based improvements for your organization or school.

Key Outcomes

✔ Learn a holistic trauma-informed approach that pairs with individual skill development

✔ Identify system-based improvements for your organization or school, centered on equity-focused strategies

✔ Understand how relationships impact resilience and community-wide healing