The Story Behind Childhood Trauma


Understanding the role of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma in shaping the academic experience of young people is integral for youth exposed to challenging experiences outside the classroom. This presentation will illuminate the key skills adults who work with young people can use to identify trauma, understand its impact, and practically promote skills within young people that promote academic achievement, improved connections with others, and living more productive and fulfilled lives. Individuals will leave this presentation with practical evidence-informed tools for supporting youth impacted by trauma from a diversity of backgrounds.

Who Is This For?

School and youth-serving professionals who want to solidify their foundational understanding of trauma-informed care for youth and ensure it encompasses understanding more than individual trauma (i.e., historical, intergenerational, and system-induced).

Key Outcomes

✔ Define individual, trauma and its impact on youth

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of the breadth of trauma-informed care for youth in particular