Restoring Wholeness: Healing, Justice, and Wellness During Uncertain Times


Navigating the uncertainty of life after a crisis is difficult, but is particularly challenging when you are responsible for supporting others impacted by life’s most overwhelming events. This inspiring presentation will provide strategies for supporting individuals’ and communities’ transition toward the best version of themselves after facing the challenges of adverse life events and obstacles to social justice and equity. Participants will leave with insight into current events from a psychological perspective and hope for building a more inclusive world.

Who Is This For?

Anyone in helping professions that wants an emotional recharge and better understanding of the intersection of healing and justice for creating a healthier workforce and better servicing the community. Helping professions can include health care, child welfare, direct service providers, schools, and in any other field of service.

Key Outcomes

✔ Learn strategies for healing people and systems in times of uncertainty.

✔ Gain insights into taking a holistic approach to finding strength during painful times.

✔ Discover key emotional intelligence skills to navigate burnout and employ radical healing.