Navigating and Managing Brave Conversations in the Workplace


As the workplace continues to evolve, creating an inclusive workplace where each person feels valued and heard remains a high-stakes balancing act. Elevating an issue important to some colleagues may lead to other co-workers feeling ignored and devalued. Harnessing the power of diverse thinking and talent fuels successful organizations, but how can you navigate when different ideas are making it challenging to work together? Easy: brave conversations. While brave conversations are not easy to have because they are stressful, leaning into them becomes easier with emotional intelligence skills for managing difficult conversations. In this presentation, iOpening Enterprises’ Expert (name of expert) will introduce you to the R.A.V.E. (Reframe Affirm, Validate, Empower) emotional intelligence technique. Learn how to start and finish workplace conversations with clarity and the ability to have productive and psychologically safe connections even when everyone is uncomfortable. Attendees will leave with strategies for prioritizing psychological safety and creating a more compassionate workplace culture that engages tough workplace issues with an inclusive approach that sustains connections across lines of difference.

Who Is This For?

Any organization, staff, or leader who wants practical tools to lead and navigate difficult conversations in the workplace.

Key Outcomes

✔ Learn a framework for having honest and difficult conversations at work while still honoring people’s humanity.

✔ Develop emotional intelligence skills to not only participate in but also lead and model brave conversations at work

✔ Gain practical tools to support an inclusive and equitable approach to challenges in the workplace while maintaining healthy relationships and work productivity.