We Keep Audience Attention With Engaging, Standout Media Content That Inspires

Brilliant media goes far beyond cool visuals and scripts – it delivers inspirational content that gets people thinking and motivates change. This is the art and science of building trust, loyalty, and awareness with the audience. Our team is committed to developing and delivering content that entertains, sparks conversation, and brings visibility, and presents a roadmap for addressing controversial topics that are often hard to tackle.

Wellness Segments with Heart

Get a dose of Dr. Isaiah’s science-based tips for living a mentally and emotionally healthy life. These quick tips are sprinkled with humor and inspiration that are a great start to your day and a perfect example of how iOpening Media can provide wellness segments for popular television and streaming shows.

Mind-Blowing Shows that Provoke and Inspire

It's Complicated

A teen talk show experience bringing together six New York City teens and a clinical psychologist to dive into controversial topics ranging from sexting to gun laws, policing, and shootings of Black teens. With funny sketches and musical guests to balance our real talk, It’s Complicated puts on full display the power of iOpening Media to entertain just as much as it sparks thought-provoking conversation and inspires transformative life changes.

Books to Spark Transformation

The Dawn of Generation Why​

Navigating the challenges of life as a young adult is tough, but add the pressure of growing up in the information age and not knowing what direction your life is headed, and it can feel downright unbearable. With compelling short stories, thoughtful poems, and brief essays, this debut book from iOpening Enterprises gives young adults tools for reaching their potential and a taste of how iOE books bring life, humor, and real solutions to the toughest topics.

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