Free Minds Festival


April 29th, 2022

12pm ET- 6:45pm ET | 9am PT - 3:45pm PT

The festival where equity meets wellness.

What is Free Minds Festival?

Free Minds Festival is the premier virtual event for organizations that believe in giving their staff the most inspiring and transformative experience for becoming equity-driven leaders focused on wellness in the workplace. A day designed collaboratively by leading mental health experts and creatives, this immersive virtual event blends sessions focused on emotional well-being in the workplace with equity-based affinity groups that support brave conversations promoting personal and professional growth.  Created to illuminate science-based strategies for wellness, balance, and justice in the workplace, the festival punctuates this unique experience with musical guests, comedians, and thought leaders who will give attendees something every employee needs today: the best mental health day ever.

Free Minds Virtual Festival 2022

Each year Free Minds Festival chooses a workplace wellness and justice theme to guide the day’s activities. Compassion and the intersection of gender and racial equity will be infused into our wellness sessions, affinity groups, thought leader moments of inspiration, musical performances, and comic routines. The growing evidence for increased productivity, team cohesion, and job satisfaction for workplaces that build a compassionate culture sparked our mental health and creative team’s focus on this important issue. Coupled with the potential for compassionate workplaces to promote gender and racial equity in the workplace, it inspired us to share cutting-edge strategies to help attendees become ambassadors for compassion and equity in the workplace. 

Join Us!

Why send your staff to Free Minds Virtual Festival?

  • Give your staff a mental health day focused on maximizing their personal and professional well-being.
  • Help your organization gain 21st-century skills for having emotionally-intelligent brave conversations needed in an increasingly diverse workplace
  • Learn the latest and most cutting-edge psychological science to promote psychological safety at your workplace.

How To Join Free Minds Festival 2022?

The festival is currently open to organizations interested in becoming a sponsor. To learn more about becoming a sponsor please see our 2022 Free Minds Sponsorship Deck.

Free Minds Festival is a limited-capacity virtual event. Priority is given to sponsor organizations and their designated number of employee attendees, based on their sponsorship level. Given the demand from Free Minds Festival 2020, the purchase of individual tickets will become available in early 2022. If you are interested in your employer sending your staff, reach out to us below to connect with your employer.

Thank You To Our 2020 Sponsors

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