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Growing Your Workforce’s Emotional Intelligence with Lessons from the Black Experience

24 February, 2022
2PM ET | 11am PT

The weight of balancing demands at home and work while experiencing work stress and burnout is at an all-time high. Imagine having these experiences while also navigating laws that forbid access to doctors who provided the best healthcare or wondering if a disrespectful response to a boss would more likely lead to your death than firing. Black Americans who experienced these life and death challenges managed to find resilience and hope that led to overcoming barriers professionally while raising children and grandchildren who participate in today’s workforce. Join us for an inspiring conversation across sectors as we share key strategies to improve the emotional intelligence of staff through lessons learned from the journey of Black Americans throughout history. Strategies will highlight how to support staff to tap into a sense of purpose despite experiencing pain, reflect on important aspects of personal and professional identity that contribute to feeling psychologically safe in the workplace, and build a sense of community at work that fosters a culture of compassion and inclusivity. Whether an employer or employee, leave with practical tools to honor Black history while advancing your company’s mission!

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Past Events

Building Anti-Racist Leaders With a Compassionate Workplace


Are you a leader aiming to build a more inclusive workplace and be proactive about your staff’s overall well-being? The antiracism movement has inspired many leaders to move beyond performative action to create an equitable workplace while the pandemic has brought into laser-focus the need to support staff’s mental health. This webinar tackles both of these challenges with iOpening Enterprises’ unique whole-person, whole-organization approach that uses a wellness and trauma-informed lens to promote anti-racist workplaces. Building on the science of compassionate workplaces, this engaging discussion led by Dr. Isaiah Pickens and leaders from a variety of industries will provide practical strategies to begin building an anti-racist and compassionate workplace from the leader up.

18 February, 2021
2PM ET | 11am PT

Key Takeaways

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How Trauma-Informed Schools Help Every Student Succeed

October 21st, 2020

For many students, especially the most vulnerable, they have been forced to return to school bearing the weight of trauma caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, its aftermath, and the recent headlines surrounding racial injustice. From dealing with escalating incidences of domestic violence and economic recession, many students and staff have taken a considerable social and emotional toll.

During this webinar, the speakers will examine:
· How trauma-informed, culturally-responsive practices can support students who have been impacted by current events

· The increased pressure school districts are facing to provide student and staff support both virtually and in-person

· Practical tools and strategies superintendents and school leaders can implement immediately to help staff and students navigate and excel during this time.
Featured Speakers:
Christine Ditrano, Principal, Hilltop School, Rockland County, New York
Dr. Isaiah Pickens, CEO & Founder of iOpening Enterprises
Time: Oct 21, 2020 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)


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