Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Workplace Culture using the 3 A’s


Increasing emotional intelligence for building an inclusive workplace is an often overlooked key ingredient for fully embracing DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging). When emotionally intelligent skills are the foundation for inclusive workplaces, not only does the workplace help every member of the workforce feel welcome, it gives them tools to be mentally healthy and fit. In this presentation, iOpening Enterprises (iOE) uses its unique 3 A’s (Acknowledge, Ask, Adjust) framework–a tool to engage this intersection of wellness and DEIB for an inclusive workplace culture. Attendees will leave with strategies to counter toxic workplace practices with compassionate tools that promote equity and wellness. With stories and science-based tools for elevating your workplace into one that supports everyone’s mental and emotional well-being, the 3 A’s strengths-based approach to an inclusive workplace will bring confidence to your journey of building an equity-driven and wellness-focused workplace culture.

Who Is This For?

Anyone or organization interested in gaining tools to build and sustain an inclusive workplace culture that fosters belonging.

Key Outcomes

✔ Learn key strategies to build a more compassionate workplace in a systematic way.

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) and how these concepts translate into practice in the workplace using wellness-centered approaches.

✔ Develop strengths-based and resilience-centered strategies to promote equity and wellness workplace-wide.