Building a Workplace Culture at the Intersection of Wellness and Identity: An Introduction to the RAVE Approach


Working through stressful work and life experiences can bring uncertainty about the future…unless you have clarity. Clarity about how to handle any difficult situation. Clarity about communicating your needs when you are unable to personally handle the situation. Clarity about what will motivate you and lead to personal and professional fulfillment regardless of the situation. iOpening Enterprises (iOE) will help you gain this clarity by introducing you to the emotional intelligence strategy of the RAVE (Reframe Affirm, Validate, Empower) approach. This tool guides you to the root cause of workplace stress and motivation provides insight into how important personal and professional identities are impacted by stress and empowers you to make decisions that honor your authentic self while contributing to a more psychologically safe, equitable, and compassionate workplace. Attendees will leave inspired to show up to work with resilience and a clearer understanding of handling any uncertainty the future brings.

Who Is This For?

Anyone or any organization wanting to gain a better understanding of building a workplace culture that supports wellness through work-life integration…a sustainable approach to workplace fulfillment and creating thriving culture.

Key Outcomes

✔ Understand how your workplace motivators and stressors are connected to your most important identities

✔ Engage in emotional intelligence tools that help you better identify and communicate your needs in the workplace.

✔ Discover research-informed tools for promoting better emotional management of work and life responsibilities.