Enterprise [en-ter-prahyz]: A project undertaken, especially one that is important, difficult, or requires boldness. Ours is to change the way teens see the world...one story at a time.



iOpening Enterprises is the home for teen and young adult edutainment. Our mission is to help teens and young adults reach their potential academically, professionally, and personally. We believe meaningful change and healthy growth begin by connecting with human stories that inspire people to reach for a better version of themselves. The stories we share at iOE are intended to guide teens and young adults closer to becoming healthy adults and give the people who care for them more tools to support their development.

Any good story is compelling and captures your imagination. It inspires reflection, challenges convention, calls for examining future possibilities. We value telling good stories. Neither entertainment nor substance is sacrificed. Whether a book, film, workshop, or consult for your project, we strive to bring human stories to life in a way that will enlighten audiences about what drives us as people, engage them in activities that promote healthy growth, and elevate their perspectives of themselves and the people in their lives.