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The duty of protecting the public and supporting rehabilitation for those in the justice system is enormous — as are the problems so many agencies face to effectively act on that responsibility. The disconnect between policies and the pain points of the populations that move through the system makes it hard on both sides. Those who want to help can’t do so efficiently. Those who need help can’t get it effectively.

We’re here to bridge that gap.

We want everyone to get the experience they deserve from the justice system, staff included. That’s why we rely on the Justice First Program to provide a comprehensive set of tools for justice professionals to successfully fulfill one of the most sacred mandates a profession has: to protect and serve.

Here's how it works:

Our Justice First Program provides comprehensive professional development for probation, court professionals, law enforcement, secure facility staff, and any other justice professional aiming to enhance their professional skill set. Our program focuses on the impact of trauma on justice-involved youth, strategies to support the mental health and well-being of justice professionals, and pathways to supporting equitable justice systems. Ensuring the most up-to-date training, we anchor our professional development in content developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) such as Think Trauma: A Training for Juvenile Justice Professionals Second Edition.

Think Trauma is comprehensive training examining the impact of psychological trauma on the lives of young people involved in the juvenile justice system. Designed by NCTSN for justice professionals, this training provides tangible skills for supporting adolescents who have been exposed to traumatic life events and comprehensively unpacks strategies for becoming a better-equipped justice professional by understanding the role of community, intergenerational, systemic, and historical forms of trauma in the lives of adolescents and its impact on the wellbeing of justice professionals. The program is delivered on-site and has the option to deliver portions virtually. A train-the-trainer (TOT) option is available to help your agency provide in-house training on an ongoing basis.

3 Ways Justice First Program Benefits Your Agency


Your agency with a meaningful trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and mental health supporting an approach that justice professionals can quickly implement and immediately begin seeing results.


Your staff with interactive professional learning experiences that deliver clear plans for supporting diversion recommendations and offer real-world solutions for cross system collaboration to streamline best practices and services.


Judges, chiefs of probation, court administrators, executive directors, and your staff with system-improvement and leadership guidance designed to help them navigate ever-changing policies and provide a roadmap for addressing wellness to retain staff.

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