Unlocking Potential: The Key to Transforming the Future of Our Youth


As schools and child-serving systems navigate the changing demands of an increasingly diverse body of students, creating a school climate that addresses barriers to student achievement becomes a priority for maximizing student academic and behavioral outcomes. This presentation will illuminate how these challenges are best addressed through a relationship framework that bolsters opportunities for resilience among students, Using a trauma-informed and culturally responsive lens to promote recovery and healing from difficult life experiences, educators and child-serving professionals will be inspired to use these practical and evidence-informed skills to help young people reach their academic and life potential.

Who Is This For?

Schools and youth-serving professionals who want to use a strengths-based and relationship-centered approach to addressing youth trauma and behavior challenges.

Key Outcomes

✔ Gain a foundational understanding of the breadth of trauma-informed care for youth.

✔ Learn key strategies for creating emotional safety for youth with trauma histories.

✔ Identify opportunities to engage youth strengths even when trauma histories are present.