Prioritizing Self-Care + Wellness in the Workplace & Life


Managing stress in order to perform at our highest level at work may be the most challenging professional task we face professionally. Achieving a sense of accomplishment and purpose at work is one of the most fulfilling experiences and recharges individuals in the most stressful jobs. The skills to gain workplace satisfaction are achieved by understanding and practicing mental wellness principles that provide the inner stability to deal with any stressful situation and the organizational tools to create less stressful work environments. This inspiring keynote will share stories and science-based strategies for elevating your workplace into one that promotes everyone’s mental and emotional well-being.

Who Is This For?

Anyone or organization who wants to grow their skills for managing workplace and life stress, improve self-care in a way that does not compromise work performance, and feel equipped to better support the wellness of others and themselves in the workplace.

Key Outcomes

✔ Redefine self-care and wellness with emotional intelligence skills that help you understand what’s the root cause of your stress

✔ Identify strategies for sustaining energy in the workplace by refueling and recharging important parts of who you are.

✔ Understand how to align your self-care with both personal and organizational values in a way that feels authentic and makes you better at your job.