Living up to the Social Contract


The path to rehabilitation after making choices that have led to justice involvement is particularly difficult for individuals with a trauma history. This powerful presentation builds the capacity of professionals working with currently or formerly justice-involved individuals to address the impact of trauma while ensuring the individual remains accountable for their choices. Providing strategies for responding to both the individual impact of trauma on the individual and the systemic impact of historical trauma, this presentation will leave you with deeper insight into the barriers and opportunities for rehabilitation for individuals who have the potential to meaningfully contribute to society once healed.

Who Is This For?

Justice system professionals such as lawyers, judges, probation officers, and court professionals want to better understand the intersection between trauma and justice.

Key Outcomes

✔ Gain an understanding of historical trauma from the lens of policy and law.

✔ Learn tools and strategies to better engage justice-involved youth and individuals.

✔ Discover best practices for trauma-informed approaches in courts and the wider justice system.