Experiences that Elevate Minds and Captivate Hearts

It’s more than content. It’s an experience.

With a wide variety of both online and offline offerings, iOpening brings wellness experiences and media to your transformation journey. That’s why companies rely on us to develop innovative media content and experiences that inspire individuals and organizations to change for the better.

Because, the truth is, transformation happens from the inside out.

From the Free Minds Festival to our thought-provoking blog and videos, our engaging and inspirational content is carefully crafted with unique storytelling that tackles tough topics, gets people listening, and sparks transformative conversations.

Free Minds Festival

One of the quickest ways to show employees their well-being matters is by offering a mental health day. iOpening makes it easy with Free Minds Festival: a mental health day designed to give employees skills to deal with workplace stress, appreciate how DEI tools support a whole-person approach at work, and motivate and inspire workplace productivity with music, comedy, and motivational speakers that give employees a jumpstart to being their best at work and in life.

iOpening Media

The stories we tell ourselves shape the lives we choose to live. iOpening Media uses storytelling told through shows, video segments, books, and podcasts to spark deeper self-understanding with compelling stories that bring audiences to laughter, tears, justice, hope, and ultimately, transformation.

iOpening Blog

How are schools navigating discipline? Are today’s justice professionals implementing strategies to address mental health? Does your organization promote a culture of whole-person development and wellness?
Check out iOpening Enterprises’ blog for the latest research, trends, news, and tips to unlock the potential in yourself, your staff, and your organization.

iOpening Events

Learn when and where the keynotes, training, and other special events that our iOE Team facilitates around the world are happening.



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