Building a Workplace Grounded in Psychological Safe and Brave Agreements


Believing the workplace is safe enough for honest communication and innovative ideas is pivotal for success. Psychologically safe workplaces ensure every member of the workforce feels valued and heard. Psychologically brave workplaces commit to the difficult conversations that are needed when there is conflict in the workplace. But how do you begin the journey to psychologically safe and brave workplaces? iOpening Enterprises (iOE) introduces you to Psychological Safe and Brave Agreements, its unique tool for building psychologically safe and brave relationships in the workplace. Attendees will leave empowered with strategies for helping each member of the workplace communicate how others can support them to be their best selves at work and repair relationships when workplace conflict arises. Get ready to build a more psychologically safe and brave workplace!

Who Is This For?

Anyone or any organization looking for a specific tool that promotes psychological safety and bravery can turnkey and embed it in existing workplace structures and systems.

Key Outcomes

✔ Understand psychological safety and bravery in the context of your organization.

✔ Discover strategies for building a more psychologically safe workplace.

✔ Engage iOE’s unique and foundational tool to support staff and leaders with guidance to have brave conversations and repair the damage.