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Unlocking Potential

Whole-human personal growth for whole-organization professional development.​


Individual change is systemic change. We’re here to unlock both.

At iOpening Enterprises we are psychologists, mental health experts, innovators, creatives, here to change the world, one person and organization at a time.

By combining interactive, science-based professional development for organizational change, with inspiring media content that sparks personal growth and brings psychological science to life, we provide trainings and transformations that are equal parts inspirational and effective

Programs that transform hearts and minds.

Designed to transform your school system, justice agency, or workplace culture with programs infused with science-backed, practical strategies that shift minds, and the kind of inspiring, edge-of-your seat delivery that moves hearts.


Here's How We Do It

through science

Webinars, keynote speaking engagements, and inspiring self-transformation media to introduce you to your potential through psychological science.

with others

In-person professional development, live personal growth experiences, and online communities that connect you with others on the journey towards living out professional and personal potential.

Elevate to transformation

System-improvement consultation that includes organizational assessment, strategic planning, and participation in virtual leadership courses that give leaders tools to engage with tough issues.


Workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year


Of youth involved in the juvenile system meet criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis


Of mental health conditions start by age 14– mostly undetected

We Transform Human Performance

Business is human. We develop your leadership & team capabilities to unleash the human potential that enables organizations to thrive.

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